Shortverse is an innovative platform designed to unite top filmmakers, industry professionals, and short film enthusiasts in a single online community.

Shortverse aims to revolutionize the film industry by dismantling traditional barriers and empowering emerging filmmakers. With its wide range of features, including audience engagement tools, film page hosting, and professional networking capabilities, Shortverse provides a powerful avenue for filmmakers to connect with wider audiences and seize new opportunities. Simultaneously, industry insiders can leverage Shortverse to explore trending films, discover promising talent, and foster meaningful connections within the filmmaking community.

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As a key member of a small team, I play a vital role in shaping its success, leading the design, product strategy, and front-end development efforts for Shortverse. With a focus on business strategy, service design, and product development, I contribute to the vision and implementation of Shortverse, ensuring it provides an exceptional user experience and meets the needs of both filmmakers and industry professionals.

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Revolutionizing access with verified industry screeners and teaser pages to build buzz for unreleased films.

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