It seems to be that time again. As the school year wraps up, I find myself reflecting. Dreaming of the future while squeezing tight on stories of the past. The tales lived and the many adventures to come.

Saying goodbye is one of my favorite and least favorite things. Ever. It’s in these moments that we realize how important the things we had were. And how much they mean to us.

Today, and in the coming days, I say goodbye to so many mentors and role models. Friends, and teammates. I’m not gonna lie, it’s not easy to say goodbye, not when the future feels so uncertain. Who knows where we’ll be tomorrow, let alone five years from now.

One thing I deeply believe and hope to be true is that goodbyes are rarely forever. As nothing ever is. An often sad yet beautiful truth. So, rather than goodbye, I wish you farewell.

Good luck out there, and put up a good fight. When time thrusts life upon us, there’s little we can do but continue forth. Enjoy those moments, the hellos and goodbyes, and while you can always wish for more time, it is often better spent surrounded by the very people that make you smile.

(the journal entry that inspired this)

It’s always so inspiring to watch the seniors do their thing, watching everyone come together for ‘the show’. I’m excited, and insanely nervous, for that to be me. Getting to make the video, dive into our cohort, and one last hurrah before the real world comes calling. Thinking about it all ending, I start to freak out a little, I just can’t imagine it. School has been my life, forever.

“Wait! How can you be so sure I’m ready? To go out there!?”
“Here’s the thing,” my professor would respond, “you’ll never know you’re ready until you take the first steps.”

Here’s to all the seniors I’ve got to hangout with, work next to, and be inspired by. Keep up the amazing work, you’re going to great things, and I’ll see you soon.