We live our lives as milestones. Our first steps, the first time we say “dada”, the first time we go on a date, the day we graduate, get a job, start a family. These benchmarks are often anticipated, then speedily celebrated as we count the days until the next one. I’m captivated, watching so many people buy into this construct. As an investor of myself, I know the feeling of longing.

Oh man, I can’t wait until—

It’s funny to consider these milestones as just moments, sudden events that occur like trains passing through the station. These milestones are anything but moments, rather they are the amalgamation of countless memories, interactions, and failures. Our birthday may be the day we can legally drink but it took a full year for us to grow. Becoming more responsible, more wise, more mature does not simply happen on a Tuesday, or whatever day your birthday is this year.

Perhaps you’re skimming this and thinking “duh”, but
So many people today are constantly waiting for something great to happen, to reach their goals and watch their dreams come true. While those days are beyond exciting, it is easy to continue yearning for more. Let’s not discredit the work it took, the memories made, and the many moments that make up the milestones of life.