with Daniel Casey and James Dwyer

In a diverse team of three, we worked to explore the future of transportation systems and cross-connected platforms. Ultimately we created Yolk, an open transportation platform. Yolk is a system that connects the world’s growing number of siloed transit providers to the commuting population, consolidating the various modes of transportation into one easy to use platform. Our final prototype was an installation, where people could immerse themselves in the future of transportation, seamlessly moving through a city using Yolk.

4 Days, Spring CoLab Design Sprint, IDEO CoLab—Cambridge

What I did:
Experience Design, User Research, Product Thinking, Brainstorming/Ideation, and Branding

Ad campaign for the imagined future

Full scale biking poster

The team!

Thank you to all the academic fellows, corporate partners, and IDEO Cambridge for such an amazing experience!