Going Live December 2017

31 - That’s a wrap What is that from? Is that from a specific thing? I love that sentence. It just says a lot really simply. To me it’s extremely reflective and comes right at the end. I said it on the last day of design and I’ll say it again now. It just fits any nostalgic moment coming to an end for me. I didn’t really take the time to come up with any New Years resolutions or reflect on my past year. I guess I’ve just been wrapped up with trying to make it day by day, seeing everyone while I’m home, trying to finish my website, and random stuff that appears on my todo list of life. Now seems like as good a time as any so here we go. 1 I spent my tenth summer at camp, wow. I literally grew up there. 2 I got into the design program and I think I’m in the right spot. 3Went camping in the Rockies! That was a pretty cool trip, and the first time I had been immersed in the outdoors like that in quite some time. 4 Said goodbye to a hero of mine, my Papu. 5 Almost finished my website (completed Jan. 4th) I guess I don’t have as much to say about the year as I thought. I think I prefer to let my memories and nostalgia sneak up on me, rather than trying to run through what was noteworthy from the past three hundred and sixty five days. See ya next year.

30 - I certainly feel like I have been ignoring my other winter break goals in order to finish my website. For example, rather than researching study abroad opportunities, I made it a goal to first finish my website. My to-do list has been left untouched these past few weeks. I guess everything else seems daunting and very “real world responsibilities” and since I have an easy out, I have been taking it? Went and played a little hockey with Jack and Casey today, its fucking cold outside, but it was a lot of fun to be out on the ice messing around. It felt like a very midwest thing, and I appreciate those moments.

25 - Finally finished coding everything on the website yet I don’t feel done nor satisfied. I hope lunching full site will be satisfying. Perhaps I’m just exhausted from the many struggles with coding the site. I did have to hack together this journal page a little bit. Stay tuned for the 31st when I hope to have the whole thing live. Time to go find the stoke again.

22 - Failing and starting over is really important to me. It’s basically how I learn any and everything and get through life. It’s also how anyone gets good at a specific skill–think 10,000 Hour Rule.

21 - My mom asked if I’m enjoying coding. I certainly enjoy it as a vessel to design and convey ideas, but this project certainly reminds me that I enjoy designing more than web coding.

20 - Finally feel like I know what I’m doing while coding my website. Also <span> is amazing; so is <div>. Fingers crossed some of the more complex things I want to code will work out–aka Jekyll template for this blog and javascript fanciness.

18 - Some of my best moments are around bonfires. Zack and I hung out, listening to music, and talking around the fire. It was the best. For a long time, I thought bonfires were called “bond-fires” and that made sense to me because we were always bonding around the fire. I still call them bond-fires, people just think I’m saying bonfire. I feel like I’m falling behind on my website schedule. Really excited to get things up and running but I need to figure out how to code it all first.

17 - I got a camera today, so stoked about it! Definitely feeling a little over my head with all the settings and features but YouTube really does have everything. Looking forward to having this thing on all my adventures from here on out. Caught up with a good friend from camp. It’s always nice to catch up and reminisce about that place, it was and still is such a huge part of my life. I should call more people and catch up with them. Perhaps that will be a goal of mine in 2018.

14 - I’m 6’5’’, 220, and there’s two of me. Just watched The Social Network for the first time since I was thirteen. Damn, they really make Mark out to be an asshole. I wonder what he is truly like–then and now–and what Facebook’s corporate culture is like today. It was good, I just think I liked it more when I wasn’t caught up in all the drama and backstabbing. Back to designing the website now. I really do love working on airplanes–I always get headaches though :/. After a lot of searching, I have finally decided on a font for my website. Makin moves. Sometimes, when you know what the future holds, it can be more terrifying and destabilizing than the unknown.