Chaotic Busy February 2018

21 - Pretty busy weekend, it was fun but I’m happy to be home. Totally forgot about a plugin I made a while back. I wonder if people still use it or would use it if I updated it… I still don’t feel like I really did anything. This is one of those projects where your solution just seems so obvious that you don’t want to take any of the credit. For some reason people loved it, it was on plugin lists, the design-sphere of twitter, I even got drafted to Dribbble for some reason. Weird. I miss kinda miss journaling. Maybe I’ll try to find an excuse to write something because once I do, reflection just kinda flows.

17–19 - Gone to Duncan.

15 - You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. Haven’t heard that one in a while. Big fan of it though. I’ve always loved clichés like this one, there’s a reason they’re said so often.

14 - Costco Soft Serve is delicious. And dangerously cheap.

12 - Incredulous - adj. unwilling or unable to believe something I want to be more adaptable, specifically when activities or plans go awry. It can be hard for me to accept doing things differently, but adapting is so often the right call.

11 - I think it’s gonna be a busy week. Certainly doesn’t help that I’m starting Monday off without enough sleep. It is extremely easy to stay up late and deprive yourself of sleep, yet it is so important to your mood and overall health to sleep at least 8 hours. Hopefully I can find a consistent bedtime routine in the coming weeks. I was just looking over the photos and video from the weekend in Eugene and I’m starting to find that videos are able to evoke a lot more emotion and memory than pictures can. Although I think both are valuable, I want to start recording more from now on.

10 - The climbing competition at the University of Oregon was super fun and I had an awesome time hanging out with everyone over the weekend. On the way back we stopped in Portland for dinner and I got to see Aaron Draplin again at the Portland Night Market. He remembered me which meant a lot. It felt a lot more casual to talk to him this time and that was super cool—he even gave me some feedback on my Hillel line illustration. I think meeting in a much more neutral territory certainly helped.

7 - Val asked me to design a t-shirt for Hillel. At first I was pretty intimidated and didn’t have any ideas. Then while browsing through Google Images I got inspired by those cool outdoorsy line illustrations. It felt good to be designing for fun again, not just working on another graded project. I wish I knew more about how to make the design more dynamic or just more visually interesting—although, I am pretty proud of it. Definitely excited to learn more about logo/icon design, it really is a whole other world.

5 - Its a bummer when I want to call people from home and the time change just messes everything up. Staying in touch with people far away is really hard and that bums me out.

4 - Went to a cafe and worked on the Design Methods group project for a few hours. Then we all went on a walk to the park and got to enjoy the sun. We didn’t talk about the project at all and I actually felt like I was getting to know the people in my group. It was awesome. Currently listening to: After the Fall by Kodaline. Something feels like its missing. I’m feeling kinda lonely and a little homesick. Perhaps tomorrow will be better, although is it a good thing to be too busy to be down?

2 - I miss journaling. I think I enjoy it more on my good days. To force my writing while I’m sad, or just not feelin it, feels disingenuous. A friend asked me what I want to do when I out of school and I think more and more I want to use design to help those less fortunate. I will most likely (hopefully) intern and work at a large design oriented company in the coming years, but in the long run I want to do something bigger. I’ve also started volunteering with ASUW Arts + Entertainment (A & E) recently—perhaps that will surprise me and I will find another path. In short: I really don’t know.

Shower Thoughts January 2018

30 - What a busy weekend. Its amazing how easy it is not to journal once I am away from my laptop and busy. Thinking about transitioning my whole site over to Jekyll, or at least the text of the home page to start. I just want to be able to edit everything quickly and easily. Working in HTML can become tedious very quickly. I want to do a better job in v2 of my site minimizing the amount of css classes I use. Why not just set styles for paragraphs, headings, etc? I partially do that now although there is plenty of room for improvements.

25 - I feel like I’m starting to scratch the surface of what is going on in the news. I’ve started reading the news and listening to The Daily a little more and trying to stay current. It’s nice to feel a little less uninformed when people talk to me about current events. Maybe one day I will know who my local representatives are. Embrace Innovations. We talked about this in Design Methods today. Quite the design challenge. These are the kinds of things I want to design—these are the impacts I want to make.

23 - Feeling good today. I just feel like I’m on top of my work. As though my todo lists are not controlling my life. Finally sharing what I think is my best piece of writing, go check it out. On his wrist, a watch sits weighing 2.22 ounces yet to him it feels like the heaviest thing he carries.. I think the reason I am so nit picky about the little details is because of how I was raised. My father taught me that if I was going to do something, to do it right. Every detail, down to the letter. Another shooting today… Reminds me of a site I found a while back. The FBI defines a mass murder or shooting as the killing of four or more people without an extended period of “cooling-off” by the perpetrator

21 - Some days I hate technology. I sit around staring at screens, and before I realize it the day is over and all I did was watch YouTube videos. Every once in a while I find myself being overwhelmed by all the work I need to do while at the same time not wanting to do anything. I just lay around, stressed by my inaction but lacking the motivation to move—it’s a frustrating paradox. Sharing the things you love with other people is such a vulnerable experience. Currently listening to: California by Sons of the East.

20 - Nothing like a good day on the mountain. Finally got out to Stevens Pass. Even if it was for a few hours, it was a few hours of solace. I wasn’t thinking about my homework or the things I need to do after class, I was free. This is why I love snowboarding (as well as waterskiing and rock climbing) so much. You need to completely present, otherwise you won’t get very far.

19 - Finally figured out how to build Things I Love as a Jekyll site. CSS Column Options. Will definitely be updating TIL more now that I don’t have to individually tweak every list item.

18 - Showers are one of my favorite places to think. When days are full constant rushing and watching the clock, being able to slow down time and relax is the best feeling in the world. I wonder how many people name their blog/journal “Shower Thoughts”—probably a lot… Instapaper and Instapaper to Kindle. Special thanks to Joe for sending me this. I can’t believe I haven’t known about this. Time to transfer all of my various saved articles to Instapaper. So stoked.

17 - Went on a little trip down memory lane today. Back in High School I was involved in a small community of young coders and creators. We were connected by age, our interest in tech, and hackathons. Many of us only knew each other from the various Facebook groups we were in and had never met in person. I probably gained two or three hundred facebook friends the year I joined this community and while many of them I know only from facebook, I still feel connected to them. It has been really interesting to see the many different paths people have taken, specifically how far some have strayed from tech. I want to read more but I really dislike reading on screens. I wish there was a way to read blogs and interesting web essays on a Kindle. I would also like to get better at writing, but I think journaling along with more reading will develop my writing further.

14 - I took a lot of photos in Portland. I just wish I was in more of them. Note to future self: Take more photos with you in ‘em. Selfies with wide lenses look pretty cool. Portland was a cool lil city! It certainly has a lot of character and I dig how everything is right next to each other. Its kinda small though, and maybe it was just because it was the weekend but I don’t know that I felt the hustlin bustlin vibe I get from bigger cities. Thats just my initial conclusion, definitely will be back for more though. I really don’t like how paragraphs look on my website right now :/. Hopefully I will learn a thing or two in Typography that will help me improve the readability.

13 - Portland bound!!! Met Aaron James Draplin today. I don’t know what I was expecting but it was kinda intimidating and small talk-ish. Makes sense that we didn’t start chatting like old pals but a kid can dream can’t he? He’s got a lot of wisdom that dude, and when I did start to get comfortable the conversations were pretty cool. Hopefully we will chat again some day and it will be a little less tense. Shout out to Val for not giving a fuck and countering all of his sass. Also, I cannot thank Aaron enough for letting us into shop—on a weekend no less. I got the door slammed in my face and it sucks man. It really means a lot that he took the time to pass on the torch so to speak.

10 - Spreed. Reedy Whoa, this is so awesome. This is how I want to read everything—at least the first time through. Idea for a project: A speed reader for pdf documents, specifically scholarly journals but obviously it would work for all writing. The idea is that the program would strip the journal of all text that the human eye generally skips over when reading and then presents the information in a highly customizable speed reading screen. Future versions could have accessible tables of content and other features, but the goal is to make lengthy, often dense journals accessible to everyone.

9 - Everything you see on social media is fake Jack sent me this video earlier today. It was super refreshing to have someone actually acknowledge how bullshit the social media world is with all its blue water and perfect everythings. It just makes everyone else feel inferior and then post something fake and the cycle continues. #FART When I travel, I hope that this journal will be a place of honesty even if my Instagram isn’t. Empathy is such an important concept to me. I feel like I’ve strayed away from that these past few years. I’m excited that design, specifically user research, will help bring empathy back into focus. Brené Brown on Empathy

8 - Stopped by the glass studio today, man I miss that place. Will definitely be in there as much as I can this quarter to get my glass fix. Val, Luke, and I are gonna go down to Portland for the long weekend and as a long shot I emailed Aaron Draplin to see if he wanted to meet up—for some pancakes (the pancakes were val’s idea). Who’s gonna say no to pancakes!? Instead of pancakes he invited us to his studio!!?? So stoked. Also, stay tuned for a possible speaking event with him at UW!!

7 - Moved Things I’ve Learned to a Jekyll page. I realized that was a page I would be updating often and by removing all the red tape I will be able to add to it without added hassle. Hopefully I will be able to move Things I Love over at some point too, I just don’t know enough about Jekyll templates at this point. Every new design project I begin to see the world in a different way. I doesn’t always last past the project but it is always extremely eye opening. Right now we are studying letterforms and have been taking photos of our initials as we find them in the world. There are a lot more Es than there are Js; there are so many Es. I need to figure out a way to automate commits right from Caret.

4 - I launched my website today (night), I’m excited to get feedback and make the next iteration even better, but right now I am done and that feels awesome. Went climbing tonight. I didn’t get to climb as much as I hoped but it was nice to see everyone again. Had my other two classes today, Sociology of Sexuality and Design Methods both seem exciting. Definitely feel like I’m ‘part of the problem’ in the Sexuality class though.

3 - First day of Winter quarter. Typography seems like a super cool class and I’m definitely excited for it. Almost done with the website. I’m realizing that the content is tripping me up more than the code. I’m worried I don’t have enough photos to fill up the various project pages and that is slowing me down.

2 - Watched The Edge of Seventeen, it fit a lot of those high school vibes that I went through. I just wish it spent more time working through the end of the movie. I don’t think things like that happen (literally) overnight. Big fan of Woody Harrelson’s character but I do wish he spoke some more ‘wise words’ that could be applied to the audience. Headed back to Seattle. I forgot how cold Chicago can be. It was really nice to be home for a minute though, always feels like a rush to see everyone before my next flight though :/.